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Get relief from the painful degenerative arthritis (osteoarthritis) No knee replacement surgery required if treated early Can reduce the pain significantly or completely Pain free-surgery free-drug & injection free-no hospitalization – no side effects Very short treatment period

Healing by stimulating body’s natural healing and regeneration factors


FOR pain relief, degenerative arthritis in knee, hip, spine and joints, tendonitis and osteoporosis


Electromagnetic Regeneration Therapy

Used extensively across Europe, EMRT is a unique form of electromagnetic therapy for healing damaged structures such as cartilage, intervertebral discs, bones, the attachment points of tendons, ligament structures and the articular capsule within all joints. It has also been proven in the treatment of osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, stress fractures and the mal-union of broken bones.

It is an innovative technological advanced form of therapy that uses a noninvasive medical device to treat arthritis, osteoporosis, accident, work, sports and repetitive stress injuries. What makes this therapy unique is that it merges traditional and non-traditional medical care. While the therapy harnesses the body’s own ability to heal it-self (a non-traditional approach), the technology has gone through scientifically rigorous clinical trials with successes and patient benefits.

The treatment is administered in 9 -12 sessions of 60 mins each, conducted under the supervision of a trained EMRT Therapist. The goal is to reach both short and long-term reduction of pain, improve physical resilience and increase joint function.

Unlike traditional magnetic field therapy, with EMRT, the magnetic field only serves as the “carrier” for the electrically pulsed signals. The magnetic field allows these signals to penetrate the injury unchanged. Without the magnetic field, the pulsating signals would be distorted by varying density of the surrounding tissue.

How does EMRT work? Research has shown that when stress is placed on a joint, a low power electrical signal is created. This natural signal tells the body to repair damaged or worn tissues and to maintain the health and proper functioning of the joint. Sometimes, this signal is disturbed as a result of aging, injury or disease. When this happens, the body is unable to repair the damage itself. This results in pain, inflammation and loss of proper function in the joint resulting in the disease and symptoms. Electrical currents are responsible for the function of the cartilage cells and the regeneration of the bone tissue. However, in unhealthy cartilage tissue, a normal flow of these electric currents is severely affected..

EMRT is unique in that it mimics the body’s natural signal, activating the normal healing process and stimulates the growth and repair of the damaged tissue. Over time, the joints of the human body become stressed by the continuous support of the body weight, muscle and tendon strength. The cartilage tissue reacts with a functional adaptation.

Studies and the treatment of thousands of patients have shown that over 83% of patients experience a reduction in pain and inflammation, combined with an increase in physical function. Some patients find themselves free of all symptoms following the treatment. Others find their symptoms greatly reduced. Many patients are able to reduce or even discontinue their pain medication. Many have reported being able to return to normal routine activities, and many are able to participate in their favourite sports .

The biggest benefit for many patients is that EMRT can save them the expense, pain and inherent risks of surgery.