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Our Team

Our Team

Dr Lenny Da Costa Our other staff members include qualified RMOs, Nurses and counselors who help our patients achieve the quality of life they need.

Redefining Health is a haven of hope for the health conscious. From providing a dignified healthy life, Redefining Health consults, detoxifies, cures, beautifies and brings your health to optimum levels.

With a clear perception of the causes of degeneration of the mind and body, Redefining Health involves you in your treatment protocol all the way to good health.

Leading edge medical sciences juxtaposed with lifestyle enhancements and dietary recommendations take you from hopeless to hopeful, from dependant to dignified and from tired to revitalized.

Trained, experienced and dedicated doctors and nurses attend to you with concern and charm healing you from within and without.

Your sojourn with us begins with our resident doctor compiling a complete case history. Our panel of doctors then contemplate on your source of distress and arrive at a course of treatment protocol that should be followed by you.

Your time frame, your symptomatology and your concerns are our first priority. With due consideration to your needs a treatment chart is then instituted.

Regular sessions with our in-house doctor and our caring nurses at your beck and call ensure not only your well being during the course of your treatment with us but a continued smile on your face.