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Patients Testimonial

Patients Testimonial

Date: 26-01-2016
Dear Doctors/Staff,
I am Engr. Rida Shater, Egyptian went to your clinic due to frozen shoulder; I underwent a special treatment EMRTC (Electro Magnetic Regeneration Therapy).

After a month of treatment I relieved from pain and I felt the improvement not only to pain but other part of my body. I would like to thank for the Doctors and the Staff who treated me with the utmost care I felt that I made a good choice on coming to your clinic.
With Thanks

Engr. Rida Shater

Before I came here I was not able to walk properly, But after treatment within 3 months I can walk comfortably and I feel better. Pain is better 75%.

A. Fernandes

Date: 15th Dec 2015
Thanks to Dr. Lenny Da Costa and his very dedicated team for the over standing success of the prescribed EMRT sessions in relation to my right knee.
From the onset of the EMRT sessions to completion, the discomfort and pain in my right knee reduced and today after over a 6 (six) week period, the pain in my right knee has totally vanished.
With the intense offshore work environment I am exposed to for a period of 4 (four) weeks, 24X7 days a week. This is absolute bliss with total peace of mind.
Thanks once again for your dedicated efforts and mainly know how medically.

Kevin Rasquinha, Senior Drill Site Manager, Chevron USA.

Dear Dr Lenny
What a blessed intervention it has been to find you and your center! Thank you for being Radical enough to plan Rafeal clinic to provide an alternative to healing instead of factory style mainstream medicine.
We have so appreciated all your personal availability and the kindness of your wonderful staff.

May god bless you!

Mrs Premila Pavamani

Thank you so much to all of the nurses, doctors, and staff in the Rafael Medicare Unit for helping me get through a very difficult time.

Rahul Shah